Stable Foundation Solutions


Cracks are Common

Most cracks occur when the foundation settles or shifts. Cracks are commonly found around foundation step ups and around windows. These cracks can be repaired from either the interior or exterior.


Crack Injection

Cracks can be professionally acid flushed and repaired using Flexible Resin from MultiUrethanes. It is a low-viscosity polyurethane resin designed for single-component injection. It penetrates fine cracks and reacts with water to form a flexible foam barrier that stops flowing leaks and seepages. Once cured, the hydrophobic seal repels water, will not shrink or expand, and serves as a long-term solution to water infiltration.


Backed by a 5-Year Warranty

If your crack injection doesn't stop water from coming into any crack that we've injected, we will be back to repair it. This warranty is transferrable. 

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Stable Foundation Solutions